About Me

I love experiencing new places and activities, particularly natural areas and cultural destinations.  While there are a few places I return to on a semi-regular basis, what I enjoy the most is exploring new areas and having new experiences. I would love to be traveling myself full-time but that is not practical at this time.  What I enjoy only slightly less than the traveling is planning and scheduling travel.   

With more than 25 years of experience in planning my own extensive travel and assisting others, I have a great familiarity with constructing itineraries and getting the most (or least) out of an available number of travel days as possible.  The joy of planning a trip is for me the same whether planning for myself or my family or for someone else and I am excited to get to work planning your dream vacation. 

I have extensive experience in planning Cruises, Disney trips, and Package or Independent Fly and Drive or Drive-only National Parks-centered trips in the U.S. particularly in the Mountain West region. 

I have traveled extensively within the U.S. including 48 states and a large number of National Parks and Monuments.  I have visited Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando more times than I can count as a child, with my own children and also with just my wife.  Internationally I have visited 6 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, most of the major Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands in Europe. 

Why Wandering Dog Travel?  We have a beagle who has a very spacious fully fenced back yard with lots of interesting wildlife and smells for him to freely investigate.  However, he is constantly testing the fence for weaknesses and looking for any opportunity to escape those confines and get out into the wider world to explore what he can find there.  I feel the same way.  No matter how comfortable I am at home, after a certain period of time I feel a compelling need to get out there and explore other areas of the country/world and see what all is out there.